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1988: Mega Watt Owner James Coleman opens his own electrical firm after working at Sandia Labs with over 40,000 hours of experience in the field of residential, commercial and industrial electrical installation. With  over 37 years in the field, he decided to do something about energy conservation and the wear and tear on electrical equipment in homes and commercial spaces.

James' outlook  on the Green movement is this technology should have been used in residential applications as it has in industrial and comercial applications for  years. Energy conservation is crucial to the constant flow of electric power as our needs grow, especially in the south west of the US.

Conserving power useage and saving owners money at the meter is what being Green is about. Not all home owners can afford solar power yet. Plus solar energy doesn't help with surges or line noise ( harmonics).

Electricity is like a cold beer with foam on the top.

One  analogy James uses is think of energy in the building like a glass of beer with a foam on top. You pay for the liquid beer and the foam but the foam is not  the drink. Power delivered to the building is much like the beer, you pay for it all but only get a portion of it. Mega Watt can fix that  through power factor correction, surge suppression and harmonics filtering.
Why pay for it all and only get a portion as useable energy when you can have most of it?

Installing an ECOPOWER4 is the answer.

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